Blind Spots

Blind Spots

Blind spots are areas hidden by parts of your vehicle; however, this area may be big enough to block the view of other vehicles, cyclists or even pedestrians causing detrimental accidents. It is important that every time you reverse, change lanes, or even leave a curb side. that you are head checking as well as checking your side and rear-view mirrors to avoid any causalities

In America alone, around 840,000 accidents are caused by Blind spot accidents according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, with 3% of accidents saying it was due to obscured vision

Here are some tips that might help avoid blind spot accidents 

  1. Ensure that your mirrors are clean at all times so that you are able to spot any vehicles in them
  2. Adjust your seat positioning, and make sure that you can see clearly in your mirrors without having to lean forward.
  3. Make sure your mirrors are angled correctly and also be aware of the blind spots so you head check every time
  4. Being aware of motorcyclists and cyclists on the road as they are smaller and harder to notice

Blind spot mirrors are also another way to maximise your view of other vehicles on the road. These mirrors are affordable and effective, they are easily adjustable and can be installed quickly with the ability to stick and remove when needed. Their convex wide-angle mirrors help to eliminate blind spots as they target the areas your normal mirror cannot. This blind spot mirror also has a 360-degree rotation and works with any driving position.

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