Roofsign commits to always providing safe products to its clients. In an effort to reduce viral load and continue to provide safe products, we prepare, implement and maintain a schedule for cleaning and disinfecting our work spaces and ensuring that the workplace is routinely cleaned.

We have therefore put a hygiene procedure in place to ensure all persons at the workplace are observing appropriate hygiene measures to minimise the risk of exposure to, contracting or spreading COVID-19 within the workplace. This procedure is to address the hand cleaning by workers and other people in the workplace using soap and water or the use of hand sanitiser, as appropriate for the circumstances.

As well as maintaining a clean and disinfected work space, Roofsign also commits to thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting all products before shipping them out to customers. 

We hope that through implementing these procedures, your mind will be at ease and that we will join together in reducing the virus cases in our community.