Check Out Our Top 5 Best-Sellers!

Check Out Our Top 5 Best-Sellers!

It’s been a tough lockdown - with many of us changing our lifestyles and having to adapt to unique and interesting challenges. We know the difficulty of staying up to date with our amazing products and prices- so we have decided to make it easy for you. Check out our top 5 bestselling products below – and see how they can improve your driving and business pursuits!

Passenger Rear-view mirror

Watch your back!!

Reversing and being aware of the traffic on the rear side of your car is an extremely important skill that all motorists must be well versed in.  With our premium rear-view mirror, its never been easier to be a safe and responsible driver.

For a low price of $25.00 , you receive a high quality suction mirror which is :

  • easy to remove and place
  • excellent for learn drivers to safely practice reverse driving
  • extremely helpful to supervise children who are in the back seat


Car door magnets

Want to promote your business all over town? Check out our car door magnets!

Our heavy duty car magnets are designed to firmly stick onto the side of your car – in all speeds and weather conditions. It’s the perfect way to advertise your business and create a marketing strategy that is  unique to you. For the price of $185, you receive :

  • TWO magnets
  • The ability to customise and design your magnets
  • A high quality car magnets that are durable and value for money

Clip on Plates

For the low price of $20.00 , you will have a secure and clear display of your license plate. This product is extremely easy to install and is available in both L and P (green and red) plates. The clip on feature allows the plate to remain secure in high speeds and adverse weather conditions – making it a very low maintenance plate to possess.

It is a government mandated law to ensure that your car plate is:

  • Displayed clearly on the front and back of your car
  • Can withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain or wind

 Penalties apply if the above conditions are not met. So, to ensure that you are driving in the best position possible – why not purchase one of our clip on plates today?


LED sign 1 or 2

Looking to promote your business in a catchy and stylish way? Check out our LED roof signs now!

These roof signs will give you marketing power 24 hours a day – with highly visible font during the day and a light up display during the night . Our LED roof signs are great for businesses that have high customers during the evening/night time , and  help your car stand out from the rest.

Features of our LED sign include:

  • Super strong magnets at the base with rubber protection
  • Cigarette lighter capable
  • LED bulbs with a longevity of 50,000 hours


Roofsign 1 and 2

Are you a driving instructor who is looking to build a professional and attractive image for your business? We have Roofsign 1 and 2 which can help you with exactly that!

Our roof signs are durable and sturdy – being made from highly UV stabilised materials which keep your roof sign design in tact for many years. Additional features include:

  • Vibration-proof design that can withstand high speeds
  • Super strong magnets art the base with rubber protection (to keep your car scratch free!
  • Ideal for all kinds of cars

Our roof sign 1 and 2 is one of the best-selling roof signs in Australia, so you are guaranteed high quality products and the utmost satisfaction!



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