Does Roof Sign also design Car Door Magnets?

Does Roof Sign also design Car Door Magnets?

Sydney Driving Instructors can personalise their vehicle and represent their Driving School business with the latest product being launched on the Roof Sign production line.

These Australian-made Car door magnets are heavy-duty, custom made, and can be fixed to your vehicle door/bumper. The magnets are also removed easily and can be reapplied many times over. Roof Sign's latest design is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability, it is also weather resistant and can withstand the long haul on road.

If you are a Driving Instructor looking to advertise for your Driving school business, you can transform your vehicle into a mobile billboard and visibly attract curiosity from Learner drivers, pedestrians and potential clients alike, this advertising tool will exclusively leave a strong first impression and get your driving school business and logo recognised from all angles.

The magnetic car door signs are used well in combination with a roof sign for better visibility. The available dimensions of the magnetic signs are 600mm by 200mm, there are a couple to choose from and will be a cost-effective to your business as the magnetic signs are simply affordable, can be purchased with Afterpay and printing of your design is included in the price

Check out Roof Signs attractive offer and available Car door and Bumper Magnets today.

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