It's a good sign!

It's a good sign!

Roof Signs are commonly used by Driving Instructors; more importantly they are designed to be a highly visible indication for other road users that there is a learner driver out and about and it is also a great marketing tool to advertise your business.

 At Onroad Driving School we offer these quality products 

Roof sign 1 
$279 or make 4 interest free payments of 69.75$ 

Our Magnetic Roof Sign with sleek touch is made from highly UV secured materials, which keeps your graphics looking bold for many years and with little maintenance required.
It has heavy-duty base magnets with protective latex which keeps the surface of your roof scratch free
Vibration-proof design and securely sealed for better protection during high speed
Ideal for all types of cars
It is one of the best selling roof signs in Australia

Roof Sign 2
$279 or make 4 interest-free payments of $69.75                                                       

With highly stabilised UV materials this product remains white for many years and is built to last.
It has a raised, stylish area to display your product advertisement and L plate (Australian Standard)
Super strong magnets at the base to attach to your car roof
Protective rubber magnet covers; scratch resistant
Ideal for driving school's as well as other businesses.

LED Roof Sign 2
$319.00or make 4 interest-free payments of 79.95

This product has a Large area to advertise your brand.
During both the day and night time your advertising will be highly effective
Heavy-Duty magnets at the base with rubber protection
Vibration-proof design and securely bolted for better protection in high speed
It has white cool lighting so it really stands out
Cigarette lighter cable is included
Generally LED bulbs last for 50,000 hrs

This sign is best for Night Delivery Vehicles (, Driving Schools, Food Delivery Companies, Taxi’s etc) and will ensure that your business gets glowing reviews.

So purchase our Onroad RoofSign and you can be sure to be noticed 100% of the time.

Happy Driving
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