The Essential Guide To Roof Sign Safety

The Essential Guide To Roof Sign Safety

The benefits of a roof sign go a long way. You just need to be aware of how to maintain it and follow the safety guidelines so that it does not impose any risk.

Roof signs are a great advertising tool. Attach it to a car and let passers-by see your business. It can also be used by vehicles to put out a sign that a learner is driving the car. When the driver behind learns that it is a newbie driving the car ahead he allows some time and bears patience. This avoids unnecessary speeding. It also saves accidents.

A tailored roof sign will go a long way. It helps to serve many purposes. Just keep the design clutter-free and see the benefits. While you do not need to overthink about getting a roof sign, it is significant to understand the protection guidelines that one should follow. This is crucial when installing the roof sign.

How can a magnetic roof sign fail?

There are two ways here. This can cause the magnetic roof sign to fail. This could be either through sliding or rotating.

Let us talk about sliding. This happens when the wind force overcomes the force of friction. The force is felt between the car roof and the magnet. It causes the roof sign to slide back. It occurs along the vehicle roof.

Now about rotating. It happens when the roof sign’s height is involved. It causes the wind to control it. This causes the front magnet to get lifted. Thus the roof sign tumbles. Using multiple magnets is a smart way. It helps to avoid any safety issues caused by rotation.

Read this essential guide that talks about all the precautions that you should take to ensure roof sign safety.

Fixing the roof sign on your vehicle

You have decided to customize a roof sign for your business or personal needs. Now you have it in your hands and want to fix it on your car. Ensure that before you fix the roof sign the area on your car is dry and clean. There should be no grease, ice, or wax polish on the area where the roof sign will be fixed.

You may however use a film in the area where you wish to keep the roof sign. This will take care that your car paint does not get dented. Also, do not leave your roof sign is places where the car roof risks any snowfall or ice accumulation. The ice could creep beneath. It goes below the roof sign. It will cause the magnet to become loose. The roof sign may fall off when you start driving.

Placing the roof sign

The roof sign should be kept exactly in the middle of the roof. This will ensure that the magnet has maximum contact with the car surface. The positioning is crucial. It should be done with care.

You should first keep the sign on the longer edge. Then place your hands on the opposite edge. Then you should lower the roof sign and get it into its position. What if you wish to remove the roof sign? Then just put your hands under the long edge and tilt it. This will raise the magnet. The sign will come out.

Speed limit

There is no rule about the speed at which you should drive a vehicle. This is when there is a roof sign attached. This is impossible. Not all cars can be individually accessed for roof sign safety speed. Again, the speed allowed will vary. This will depend on the weather conditions. What if you have chosen the strongest magnet? Still, there are risks involved.

Thus, pay attention to your vehicle speed. Do not increase the speed when a roof sign is attached to your car. Also, it is advised that you remove the roof sign when driving your car in bad weather. This is an individual decision. It is best to remove the roof sign when you see any causes of danger.

Maintaining and cleaning

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your roof sign is a must. This will increase its longevity. It ensures that the product is safe to use. You should remove the roof sign and check both the magnet and the car roof. You will be able to spot any kind of contamination.

Contaminations lower the grip of the magnet on the vehicle. This could be risky. The magnet is nickel-plated. It thus could rust. Make sure that you check your roof sign for any signs of corrosion. Do notice some form of rust? Then it is time to get it maintained by a professional.

For regular cleaning all that you need to do is to wash the roof sign with a little soapy water. This is more than enough to clean your roof sign. There could be dried dirt and insects that may have stuck to the roof sign. It could be while you were driving the car on the road. Just clean that off. Then use the liquid soap. Your roof sign is all good to go. However, it is vital to understand that using strong abrasives could end up damaging your roof sign. You thus want to sidestep the same.

Be careful of the signs made with neo-lite

The roof signs have neo-lite fittings. The neodymium are rare magnets. These are found in the earth. These can create some very powerful magnetic fields. You thus need to be aware of the same. This is if you have the signage attached to your car that has neo-lite fittings. People with pacemakers and stuff that contains magnets like credit cards can be affected. This is. because of the strong magnet. You should thus keep the sign apart. It could prove to be dangerous.


Roof signs are a great investment. However, care should be taken. You need to follow all the safety measures when you attach a roof sign to your car. Are you confident that your roof sign will stay intact even in the windy weather? You are sure to marvel at the benefits that this accessory has to offer. Use extra magnets. Also, get your roof sign fixed by professional help. Also, make sure that you purchase your roof sign from reputed companies like Roof Sign so you are assured of the quality of the product delivered.

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