Warning Triangle and Clip on Plates

Warning Triangle and Clip on Plates

It's a necessity for motorists to provide the following quality accessories in their vehicle to ensure that other drivers are made aware and also for emergency use.

Warning Triangle:

A warning triangle is placed by the roadside 50-200 metres before a broken down vehicle or in the event of a road accident. The triangle should also be used in combination with a vehicles *flashing hazard-warning lights* and should only be placed if it is safe to do so.

This item features:

A highly reflective material to be utilised during daylight or night hours, the base is weighted for stability in high winds; this triangle is also compact and folds out flat.

Clip on plates:

It is a requirement for Learners and Provisional licenced drivers to visibly display their plates on their vehicle when on road.

Essential to the Roof Sign accessories these clip on plates assist to prevent the plates from falling off and breaking easily.

This is an ideal solution for attaching your Learner (L) plates or Provisional (P) plates to your vehicle’s number plate. the clip on plates simply attach securely in any position and they are durable in design for repeated use.

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